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Top Secret History

The "Top Secret Espionage Role Playing Game™" by Merle M. Rasmussen was published by TSR Hobbies, Inc. in the early 1980's. The game was designed as a way to enter into the espionage world populated by such characters as James Bond. In the mid to late 1980's the game was redesigned and then renamed "Top Secret/S.I.™". Our group of players didn't care much for these revised rules, although there was some good module/source material that came from the TSSI (as it came to be known) game. The information presented within this web site is based almost entirely on the original set of rules as well as the Top Secret Companion® which was published in 1984, also by TSR Hobbies, Inc. We have added some revisions to some rules as well as devised our own set of rules to deal with certain subjects. We utilized articles about the Top Secret (TS) game that were published in Dragon® magazine. We also prepared our own gun list as well as expanded the originally printed material by utilizing the gun design rules that came with the game. Hereafter I will generally use acronyms when referring to the different games. For example: Top Secret will be TS, Top Secret/S.I.™ will be TSSI, and the Top Secret Companion® will either be TSC or just "the Companion". NEW!! [2014] See the weblinks page for brand new Top Secret information from THE Administrator himself, Merle Rasmussen!!


The original Administrator Merle Rasmussen has partnered with TSR games and is releasing a new version of the game called Top Secret New World Order™!!  As of 6/27/17, they are on Kickstarter (see this link) and also have this webpage.  

Our Group

Most of our group (click for a larger image)Our group of "professional" agents in the TS game have been playing since the game first came out. There was a group of 5 original players (3 of which remain) and others came into the fold as the years past. I came into the mix as probably the "sixth" man after about a year or two went by with the original group. One of the founding members went away to college where he started up another group. On a rare occasion, our groups would have a massive get together where some missions of truly epic proportions would occur. Currently, our group numbers about 8. Real life has intruded into our merriment and where we used to game weekly in our single, high school/college days, in our current lives of jobs, Our group - smaller (click for  a larger image)wives, serious illnesses, and moving across state lines our sessions have barely managed 6 times in an entire year! Both of these pictures shown here are from a time long, long ago (back when we had flatter abs and more hair!). To see a larger image of either picture, click on it.

Web Site Pages

Below is a listing of links to some of the pages on this site and some brief information about what you will find next to each link. Pages not linked, are still under construction.

    • Gun List
      The Gun List contains a series of pages that detail the game specifications for weapons used in the game. Additionally, the individual weapon pages also provide a link to view a picture/drawing of the weapon. The most recent Gun List has been updated as of June 2017.  If you want to print out a complete and formatted Gun List, try this link.  FINALLY! With the diligent efforts of our resident librarian, we've finally uncovered a picture of the elusive ARPAC rocket. The dauntless librarian also uncovered a better picture of the rare Weaver PKS-9 Ultralite submachine gun.

    • Rules
      The Rules page contains game information about such topics as grenade rules, shotgun rules, equipment, etc. The two most recent updates to the rules are to the Rockets and also Special Weapons.

    • Calendar
      This section details the time line that we have been running the game and where we are at in the Game Calendar. Some items in this section may require Adobe® Acrobat Reader®.

    • Missions
      This page has game information about missions that our characters went on. Each mission mentioned will have a link to the calendar page that has more information about the mission. Due to vagaries in who goes on what mission and which admin runs it, some missions will have more information and details than others. I will try to post as much info as possible for each mission. Special Update Note: I have added at the bottom of the Mission page .pdf documents of some of our complex plot lines.

    • Quote List
      This section has an extensive list of player quotes that is from our group during TS game play.

    • TS Game Information
      The Game Information link has basic information about individual products released by TSR as well as scanned copies of articles relating to TS as they appeared in Dragon® Magazine, Dungeon® magazine, and  Polyhedron® Magazine.   Update: 4/28/16-The file service I was using to host most of these files has elected to cease operations.  So. . . I have taken these links down for now and will be working on another method of hosting them in the near future.  

    • Web Links
      This page also will contain any good TS web links that I have run across or else someone else in our group recommends. Since the game is no longer published, links to various TS sites will be few, but there are a ton of other good links to check out! Page has been updated as of 1/2/10. Left the old links listed with their old web address in case something happens down the road where the site becomes active again.

    • TS Essentials
      This page will contain TS related movies, books, and other items that we consider to be essential to getting a flavor of TS gameplay. This page is a work in progress but has some nice embedded videos in it for your viewing pleasure.

    • Mon Cal Assassins
      This link will take you to our site on one of our other favorite role-playing games set in the Star Wars universe.


It is not my intention to infringe on any organization's copyrighted information. If an organization finds something on this site that needs to be taken down due to copyright laws, I certainly will comply with that. Just send me an email.


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