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This page has a listing of the most recent missions that have been run by various Administrators. Some missions have a bit of elaboration as to what occurred. See the very bottom of this list of missions for some special information about old complex plot lines we have weaved.

Briefings & in some cases Summaries

Operation: Bluegrass
Code Name: Persephone
Date: June 2011

Travel to a Lexington, Kentucky to protect a potential future rising politician from California.  He is attending the event with his longtime girlfriend.  The event is the annual reunion of the CV-5 club, which is survivors and family members of the USS Yorktown

Operation: KC and the Sunshine Gang
Code Name: ba bi bu be bo
Date: May 2011

Travel to Kansas City Marriot in downtown Kansas City.  Look for and identify an arms broker who is to meet a contingent from a Japanese group called Asahi (Rising Sun). 

Operation: Piscina Grande
Code Name: Tethys
Date: December 2010

Take a dip in the World's Largest Swimming Pool! The agents traveled to the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile which is about an hour's drive West of Santiago.  First, however, the agents had to deal with a little detour as they drove from the E.R.I.N. safehouse in Houston to the airport to leave on the mission.  Don't throw lead into glass pyramids! 

Operation: Apple
Code Name: Phaethon
Date: June 2010

Who says walking your dog has to be boring? Agents contacted to travel to Winchester, Virginia.  Their mission was to rescue a kidnapped defector.  E.R.I.N. was in the process of transporting this defector from Dulles International airport in Washington D.C. to a safehouse in Virginia.  The transport was attacked and the defector kidnapped and taken to a small airfield near Winchester, Virginia.  E.R.I.N. investigators were working the case and they too ended up missing.  The agents not only had to rescue the defector but also the investigators.  For the target house that the PC's had to attack, I used the exterior of a house near where I live that I could see from the road when I was walking my dog.  The house had an amazing exterior.  This mission ended up being a two session event. 

Operation: Longhorn
Code Name: Hephaestus
Date: December 2009

One of the rare times recently we were able to get a large gathering together.  Six agents plus the Admin!  Agents traveled to Houston, Texas to protect a scientist at a location called The Woodlands Resort. An assassin was introduced to the PC's that had the 'kiss of death'. Unfortunately, the agents failed in their protection mission.  Also of note, an NPC, Dr. Olson was introduced during this mission too (more on her in Operation Piscina Grande-December 2010). 

Operation: Liberty
Code Name: Hebe
Date: July 2009

Agents travel to Richmond, Virginia.  I get to use an old locking briefcase that I found in my attic from about 25-30 years ago from my previous job!  E.R.I.N.  wants the agents to track down  a rogue employee. The employee appeared to be planning a terrorist-type attack on an unknown target. Target ended up being a critical electric substation on the East coast.  I got to use a Google Earth satellite map of an actual electrical substation that is located near where most of us live.  Don't know how critical it is but the aerial view of it was awesome! Going into this mission was when I had purchased Gygax #4.  In reading through that new TS mission in Gygax #4, I re-discovered the fun of introducing "rumors" into gameplay.

Operation: Cabrón
Code Name: Cronus
Date: May 2009

Viva Mexico!! The agents have to go to Mexico City, Mexico. Then right before the mission begins an attack occurs where someone tries to assassinate a Mexican General. With the General laying on the floor from an explosion and a near point-blank gunshot, the agents are requested by the General to give him safe passage to a waiting helicopter.

Operation: Balboa
Code Name: Pan
Date: April 2008

Finally, a pure assassination mission!!  Agents travel to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  A little Lady In Distress (those that have played that Mission know what I'm talking about!) occurs and the agents have to divert to Cumberland, MD to assassinate someone.  Awesome newspaper wrap-up provided too (if I do say so myself)! 

Operation: Chestnut
Code Name: Apollo
Date: February 2008

Agents dispatched to Zurich, Switzerland to perform various missions.  The first had to obtain information pertaining to a safehouse break-in, then assassinate the men responsible. They also had to identify and report status of four missing priceless paintings.  Mission took two sessions with an additional agent reporting in on the second session. 

Operation: Gouveneur, New York
Code Name:
Date: December 2007

Agents went to Gouveneur, New York to obtain information about silver that has begun showing up in the market.

Operation: Sidr
Code Name: Proteus
Date: November 2007

Agents went to Bangladesh to rescue some investigators and arrived in the middle of a cyclone.

Operation: Heartland
Code Name: Emerald
Date: September 2007

Chauncy Enterprises hired the agents to extract one of the wives of billionaire oil tycoon, Sheikh Nasser bin Zayed. The Sheikh, accompanied by his wives and his entourage, is currently recuperating from heart surgery at the John Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, MD.

Operation: Canada
Code Name:
Date: August 2007

Agents went to Canada to steal a helicopter.

Operation: Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
Code Name:
Date: July 2007

Agents first met in Yemen. After that the agents flew in a C-130 to Sri Lanka. They had to pay a ransom to get back a client. Another amazing location that Rob found for us to visit.

Operation: Texas
Code Name:
Date: June 2007

Agents went to Texas to extract an agency operative named Jaguar.

Operation: Katmandu
Code Name:
Date: May 2007

Mission was to Katmandu, Nepal. Agents went to an airport known as the Gateway to Everest. Agents had to accompany Ian McKeever, Jr. and his Father, Ian McKeever, Sr. to a designated location on the mountains where Ian Sr. was to bury/place the ashes of a close friend. Make sure you check out the YouTube link in the summary to the airport. Oh, my!!

Operation: Red Sox
Code Name: Hestia
Date: November 2006

Mission was to go to Danvers, Massachusetts and provide protection to an E.R.I.N. operative. Timing of the mission occured right before Thanksgiving in the TS timeframe. This mission was a bit spontaneous as another Admin had indicated that they were going to run something in the Star Wars universe but this failed to materialize. The mission briefing/summary includes a bit of a twist as a second mission was secretly offered to an agent selected at random. The agent ending up with the mission elected not to take it.

Operation: Sleekit
Code Name: Cyrene
Date: September 2006

Mission was to go to Falkirk, Scotland and provide body guard duty for Tavish Dunbar and his lady friend Jemima Ferguson [Hot Chick Alert!]. Location was the Falkirk Wheel.

Operation: "Golden Haboob"
Code Name:
Date: August 2006

Mission was to go to Tadjikistan,

Operation: Tilder's Mission
Code Name:
Date: August 2006

Mission was to recover a kidnapped swimsuit model. Location was Gibraltar. Returning to duties as an Administrator was Rob! Mansion was more like a stone castle on the outside. Took 3 months "real" time to complete this mission but it was worth it.

Operation: Cash Cow
Code Name:
Date: July 2006

Mission began in Paris and ended up primarily taking place in Bastar, Albania. We were not sure how things would go after the "auspicious" beginning of the camp attack.

Operation: Too Close Too Home
Code Name:
Date: October 2004

Mission location was near and dear to our hearts since this place was basically located in our neighborhood! Snipers, Barrets, and Mk-19's, OH MY!

Operation: Less Than Zero
Code Name: Warlocks
Date: August 2003

Mission location was Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan. Date link above will go to calendar where there will be a briefing and summary link. Warning: Hot NPCs!!

Operation: Protection
Code Name:
Date: December 2002

Mission location was Thika Kenya. Date link above will go to calendar where there will be a briefing and summary link. Hint: Think Vantage Point.

Operation: Monsoon
Code Name: Tyche
Date: August 2002

Mission location was near Jakarta, Indonesia. Date link above will go to calendar where there will be a briefing and summary link.

Operation: Thunderbird
Code Name: Poseidon
Date: May 2002

Mission location was near Vancouver, Canada. Date link above will go to calendar where there will be a briefing and summary link. Remember the Pukeinator!!

Operation: Drumroll
Code Name: Apostle
Date: December 2001

Administrator Rob's return!!! As one of the players so eloquently said in an email, "Holy Crap, he's back!!" Date link above will go to calendar where there will be a briefing.

Operation: Poisoned Pacific
Date: November 2001

Mission location was in the French Polynesia. Date link above will go to calendar where there will be a briefing and synopsis link.

Operation: Galvanic
Code Name: Blackguard
Date: June 2001

Mission location was in Azerbaijan. You gotta watch those mystery women.

March 16, 2001

Mission location was in Jamaica. Jamaica is one tough place to visit.

March13, 2001

Mission location was on the island of San Miguel, a French possession in the southern Antilles.

February 2001

Mission location was in Chambord, France.

January 2001

Mission location was in the Carribbean Sea just off Trinidad.

November 1, 2000

You gotta watch those Census Takers! Mission location was in Los Angeles, California.

Operation: Double Hitch
Code Name: Hades
Date: October 2000

This mission began in Cairo, Egypt and took place mainly in Djibouti, Djibouti in Africa. The above code name link will take you to the mission briefing that I gave the agents. The only addition to this is the note at the bottom of the page that reflects the mission payment, XP, timeline of the mission, and the agents on the mission. 

Operation: Natural Selection
September 2000

This mission location was in New York on the Falchion College campus.

Operation: SwiftSting
July 2000

Location of this mission was in Paris, France. Think CONCORDE!!

Operation: Muschel Spiel
Code Name: Minerva
Date: May 1999

This mission begins in Istanbul, Turkey at the Ataturk International Airport. This location was only used as a gathering place for the beginning point of the mission. The bulk of the mission took place in Delhi, India. The above link will take you to a document that shows the first email message received by the agents and then the overview the agents got of the mission briefing (which was verbal) at Ataturk International Airport. I've added the note for the mission payment, XP, & timeline of the mission. When I first ran the misssion, I managed to screw up the initial timeline, but it is corrected on the calendar and by notes in the file. This mission is where Rob uttered his great comment on the pretty girl vs. the ugly girl. The agents had been working for a couple of hours on a hastily scribbled map that I made of a certain area. When circumstances permitted, the agents finally moved off of the scribbled map and onto the "nice" big color map of the area where they ultimately would be going. At this point, Rob had us in stiches with his comment.


The items in this section are special mission items pertaining to missions/plots that were run a very long time ago. They were quite complex and dealt with a ton of NPC's. Whenever we refer to them (which, sadly, isn't too much anymore) sometimes just using the phrase "The Plot" is enough to evoke memories of the complex plotline that some of us Admins have run. Each item below is in .pdf format.

The Saga of Infinite Plot Complications
Plot II - The Wrath of Sean
Knights of Shaemon
Plane Plane Who's Got the Plane